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Basic Harmony for FOR MUSICAL COMEDY IMPROVISORS | Registration open Spring 2017

Cost: $180 | Spring 2017

Do you want to elevate the musical quality of your musical improv shows? Have you ever wanted to harmonize a chorus but weren't sure of the right note to sing? Maybe you're already pretty strong musically, but you want to enhance your knowledge of harmony and chord progressions on a more foundational level?

This six-week class is designed to give you a basic foundation in harmony as it applies to musical improv comedy.

We will be addressing the following fundamental elements of music theory:

  • scale degrees + solfege
  • triads
  • diatonic functions
  • chord progressions

We will also address these topics that are specific to musical improv comedy:

  • Finding a "correct" pitch to sing in a harmony
  • Singing in tune with a piano when you improvise
  • Improvising within a chord progression

The approach for this course is primarily aural and oral (singing and musical listening) and most activities are rooted in the type of group harmonization that is common to musical improv comedy performances.